Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists is an open and diverse group of artists, collectors and admirers who share a love for the practice and perpetuation of botanical art and illustration with a fond focus on plants in the Rocky Mountain Region.
We encourage and participate in educational outreach, juried and non-juried exhibits, lectures, workshops and regular chapter meetings. The RMSBA is proud to be the very first chapter affiliation of the international organization, the American Society of Botanical Artists.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our real National Bird

May your day be pleasant and your companions genial.

ASBA dues are being accepted now at the on-line renewal opportunity, or you can download a .pdf of the form and mail it in. Don’t forget to check the box (and add the $10) for your RMSBA Chapter affiliation!

Cherokee Castle and Ranch provided a lovely Opening and venue for the Wicked exhibit, which will run through the end of the month. About 110 people attended and the weather was cooperative, so we had a grand time.

Board meeting rescheduled for December 8. If you have matters you want the board to consider, please contact a board member. No meeting on November 29 for the general membership.

Holiday Party coming up on December 27 – clear your calendar!

ASBA’s call for entries for Out of the Woods is online at the ASBA website. Entries are due in 2017, so there’s time to plan, to observe (and maybe even to travel!), and produce magnificence. Here’s a link for some totally outrageous images of unexpected trees.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Snow on the Way

Wicked Saga! continues

Wicked exhibit viewing, October 24, was very well attended (more than 100 visitors!) and we made some sales!

The Closing (October 31) was loads of fun. Some famous artists attended: Vincent van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, and Rosslinn (Bob-Ross-in-Transition) came, along with a few more familiar local artists.

Now we open at Cherokee Ranch & Castle on November 15, Artists Reception 2-5. Alas, Briony Morrow-Cribbs will be unable to join us.. Please pre-register by close of business on Wednesday, November 11 (which is Veterans Day – your Editor gets taken to Tea).

No general meeting in November. Remember the Holiday party in December – details forthcoming.

October meeting on at the Eloise May library - 1471 S. Parker Road, Denver 80231. Well attended and informative. Input requested from members for Board Meeting on November 17. Send your comments and proposals to a Board Member for inclusion and consideration.

Membership renewal reminder: ASBA will begin accepting 2016 membership dues in mid-November. We strongly encourage you to renew your membership no later than January 31st to ensure uninterrupted member benefits including your spring issue of the journal. A reminder letter will be arriving along with the Annual Appeal. You may renew online or by check.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Wow, have we been busy!

October meeting on Sunday, October 25, 1 – 3 pm, at the Eloise May library - 1471 S. Parker Road, Denver 80231. Lots on info on the agenda, including a recap of the ABSA meetings from those who attended. Please find it in your day to come to this one.

Renewal reminders will soon be coming your way. Start saving your quarters now. This is your early warning kicking in…

Wicked exhibit viewing, October 24, 11 am – 3 pm, ACAD Gallery, 1400 Dallas Street, Aurora, CO. Come support your fellow artists and stir up some action. Several of us occupied the gallery on Oct 17, and much music came in the doorway.

ASBA in Miami was attended by several of our members, who will recap the details at the meeting on October 25 (see above in this Blog). Join us for that.

Vanessa Martin took several copies of the RARE II catalog and sold out in an hour – lots of interest!

Dorothy DePaulo and Heidi Snyder reported on their Wild in the City book project – for which sales also were brisk.

Briony Morrow-Cribbs’ etching workshop provided food for thought and finished artworks, too!

The Wicked Opening on Saturday, October 10, at the ACAD Gallery was attended by happy, cheerful people, many of whom we’d never seen before! A Resident Artist (well, his studio and office are in that building, too) was overheard to say “This is the best exhibit we’ve ever had in here. This is really going raise our profile.” OK. Ours, too. (Fist bump.)

Friday, October 9, 2015

October is Here, Bringing New Art

Wicked’ is Heeeere!!

The hanging is over and the survivors exult!
East Wall Lineup?
How many Artists...?

Another one bites the Dust

Ya Got That, Irma?

Somebody's Working

Down on the left...

Sophisticated Card Height Template

Up and Labeled!

Sales opportunities

See you at the Opening on Saturday: 1400 Dallas St, Aurora, 4 - 7  pm.