Mission Statement

Founded in 1997, the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists (RMSBA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is the first regional chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA).

The Society is dedicated to promoting public awareness of contemporary botanical art, honoring its traditions and furthering its development. It is open to all, artists and art patrons alike. We believe that by joining together, we foster increased awareness and appreciation for this beautiful art form. It is our goal to educate the public about botanical art, support the artist creating these works, and support awareness of plants place in the world, and their environmental challenges with a special focus on plants in peril.

These artworks are realistic portrayals of plants, their flowers, fruiting bodies, seeds, roots and pollinators. Each piece is scientifically accurate, insuring all aspects are true reflections of the plant portrayed. Modern elements of of light, depth, composition and increased 3-dimensionality grow the tradition. The resulting renderings are exquisitely detailed, able to illustrate far more detail than found in photographs.

Work is presented in all 2-dimensional media, including ink, watercolor, gouache, scratchboard, acrylics, oils, graphite, carbon and colored pencil, excluding photos and computer generated images. Sculpture that meets scientific accuracy is welcome.

We are in an era of resurgence of interest in botanial art. These artists produce images that seamlessly blend old traditions and new, scientfic facts with contemporary creative arts, resulting in works that bloom gracefully and endlessly.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Exhibition Opportunity!


Dichelostemma volubile, by Joan Keesey
Dichelostemma volubile and Madia elegans.
© Joan Keesey

The California Native Plant Society believes that including the arts in the statewide conservation conference is a critical component in fomenting a greater appreciation of California’s unique flora. We are pleased to announce this botanical art exhibition. The California Native Plant Society believes that including the arts in the statewide conservation conference is a critical component in fomenting a greater appreciation of California’s unique flora. We are pleased to announce this botanical art exhibition.
First Place - $500
Second Place - $300
Third Place - $200
All winning entries and the Conference Choice entry will be published in the
CNPS publication, Fremontia.
Exhibition Calendar
Nov. 1Deadline for receipt of images
Nov. 30Selection Results mailed
Jan. 10Deadline for shipped artwork to be received
Jan. 11Deadline for hand-carried artwork
Jan. 14Exhibition opens
Jan. 17Exhibition open to the public. Exhibition closes at 3:00 PM. Pick-up until 5:00 PM.
Jan. 20Artwork shipped back to artists
For information about this exhibition, please click HERE:


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

In Just 141 Days, All THIS can be YOURS!

Or at least, it can be yours on behalf of your fellow members at RMSBA. We are looking for a new Blogmeister! Libby has produced and managed our blog for the last 3 years, and it's time for a break! However, she's happy to shepherd a new Blogmeister into easy and fun understanding and use of the blog design tools provided by Blogger, and to provide some ideas for future interesting and informative spots on the blog to get our new leader started.

You'll learn how to quickly and easily add TEXT! You can format and finesse it to your heart's content.
TEXT text TeXtInG text-ify TEXT

 You'll learn about using images!  Big and bold,


 black and white,
or with colored backgrounds,  
You can create links to take people to places you want to SHARE, or that are IMPORTANT to our members, or that are just plain FUN. (Hint: click on each blue word to find something Libby wants to share, thinks is important, or is just plain fun. That's how links work! Isn't that easy!)

What do you need to help you decide if you want to start this blog adventure? A computer! Internet connection! Image program - like Photoshop Basics or any bitmap image management program! Your current Blogmeister has used CorelDraw's PhotoPaint for all the blog entries she's completed, and any image program can size a picture for use in the blog.

If you've wanted to have your own blog or web page, and didn't really have a starting place, this site is a perfect place to learn the basics of creating a presence online. Now's your chance for guided entry to a really fun process.

So, the countdown has begun!!! There are 141 days left until the end of the year. Just think of all  you can learn during this time to become the NEW & IMPROVED RMSBA Blogmeister. To get started, just click HERE and Libby will give you the details. Hurry! This opportunity won't last forever. I mean, it'll last for 141 days and counting down, which may seem like forever, but we all know the winter holidays are galloping towards us. Act now!

Class Opportunity for Fall

And remember, if you have a class offering you think your fellow members would be interested in, don't hesitate to send them HERE, and we'll get them posted.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Don't Miss RMSBA's Exhibit High on Botanicals Currently on Display at Square Deal Gallery

This lovely exhibit opened 15 July, with the opening reception on July 19. Square Deal Gallery is located at 1460 South Colorado Boulevard, Denver, CO, just next to Black Eyed Pea Restaurant on the east side of the Boulevard. Here are some images to whet your appetite! Many of the artworks are for sale!

Catalpa speciosa, colored pencil, Vanessa Martin
Vanessa supplied the images below of the exhibit setting. Nice work!






Linden Branch, colored pencil on film, Vanessa Martin

Showy Milkweed pods, water color, Vanessa Martin

Prairie Trek a Real Treat

The July Member Meeting last Sunday was a special tour of the Plains Conservation Center Short-grass Prairie. With an early start, participants had a full day to get to know the high plains short grass ecosystem. Susan Fisher tells us:

"What a trip. The flowers were beautiful: Bush Morning Glory and the white Evening Star are pictured below. We learned about the KT Event - very interesting, had a terrific lunch under the shade of cottonwoods and greeted bison (lot's of 'em) from our open air range wagon."

Susan shares some pix she took along the way.

Orientation and history start the day at 8:30 AM!!

Bush Morning Glory

Artists who are outstanding in their field...

White Evening Star
All images by Susan Fisher

Wild in the City Opening Tomorrow Evening

You won't want to miss this opening! Here are the details, and few images to encourage you! And remember, you can click on any image for a larger version. See you there!

Western Painted Turtle, colored pencil on Mylar, Dorothy DePaulo

Meadow, colored pencil on Mylar, Heidi Snyder

Egret and Shore Birds, colored pencil on Mylar, Heidi Snyder

Black Hooded Night Heron, colored pencil, Dorothy DePaulo

Friday, July 25, 2014

Don't miss this unique and beautiful exhibition!

Click on any picture for a larger version of the work
Dorothy DePaulo and Heidi Snyder had a great idea for this large body of work - document the natural visitors found in a city park near their homes. Dorothy and Heidi have been working on this project for over a year, trekking out in all weather, to find all the nooks and crannies of Belmar Park. And the things they have found are wonderful. Here are a couple more images to whet your curiosity!
Cattail Habitat, colored pencil on Mylar, Heidi Snyder
Blue Heron, colored pencil on Mylar, Dorothy DePaulo

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Developing Storybook Illustrations

Martha Narey shares a bit of her process in developing illustrations for The Missing Creek, and it's great to see the artist's mind's eye at work, as well as how relatively simple drawings hold her vision intact as the book develops. Martha's comments serve as the captions for the images below.

 Quick blue-pencil-on-newsprint characterization of a Plains grassland landscape: mountains, forested mesa, grama grasses in foreground.
 Graphite sketch on sketch paper: visualizing in a very sloppy thumbnail approach
Graphite sketch working some ideas

Sketch for title page background landscape; 2H, Verithins, black ink on bumwad trace. Shows placement of title initial letters. Red crop marks for pencil draft; blue crop marks show shift to place large leaves in final cartoon.

Letter form and character for opening initial
There are so many facets in illustrating a book, including designing a page to present the story as well as provide a pleasing and accurate illustration. You can see the development of the images here, progressing to the more complete study of the little mouse protagonist climbing down on an illustrated initial. Natural science illustration combines with botanical illustration in this effort, to provide an exciting and educational experience for young readers.

Monday, June 23, 2014

High on Botanicals - Entry Reminder and Last Call

Vanessa Martin has secured a terrific gallery event for us in July of this year, at Square Deal Framing and Gallery J(click HERE for information about this gallery), July 15 through August 29th. This gallery has a number of exhibits annually, and we are delighted we are on this year's schedule.

We are invited to submit any images which include botanicals. This is a little more open event than some, and is unjuried. You may submit up to 3 artworks, matted and framed in the manner you wish, and ready to hang with hanging wires.

We will hang at least one, but hope to be able to include more. The entry form allows you to number your images in order of hanging preference. Images labeled as "1" will be hung first, and then we'll hang the others in your order of preference once space is determined. We have room for 45 to 50 paintings.

Works may be for sale. Gallery retains 25% commission. There is a small entry fee ($25) to support organizational expenses and tasty treats for the opening, which is scheduled July 19th, 2014, 4-6 PM.

High on Botanicals
Specifications:*Submit up to 3 artworks, number them for hanging preference.
*Submission deadline: 28 June 2014
*Artworks must be matted, framed and wired for hanging.
*Drop off art Saturday at Square One, July 12th between 1-4pm
*Exhibit Start: July 15, 2014
*Reception: July 19, 2014, time to be determined.
*Exhibit closes August 29, 2014.
*Pick up artworks August 30th, between 1-4pm
You may enter up to 3 artworks. Please fully complete all requested
information on the entry form.

Location: Square Deal Gallery
1460 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO  (next to Black Eyed Pea Restaurant)
Contact: Vanessa Martin; Click HERE to contact her.

Special Exhibit Information: You may enter up to 3 matted and framed
artworks, wired and ready to hang. At least one artwork will be hung, and
second and third images may be hung if there is room. We have room for about
45 to 50 paintings. Please include genus and species if known, common names are always good, and you may title the work.
Click HERE for the Entry form.