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The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists is an open and diverse group of artists, collectors and admirers who share a love for the practice and perpetuation of botanical art and illustration with a fond focus on plants in the Rocky Mountain Region.
We encourage and participate in educational outreach, juried and non-juried exhibits, lectures, workshops and regular chapter meetings. The RMSBA is proud to be the very first chapter affiliation of the international organization, the American Society of Botanical Artists.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is it Spring yet?

Daffodils, colored pencil, Dorothy DePaulo

No, but it is a Drawing A Day Artarama! Yes, I know the excitement is bubbling all over our region, as we are about to start our ode to Spring, our group drawing project, our first steps to great new art! Here's the premise:
Drawing daily integrates art into your life. It helps you know what you know or don't know. It leads you to new solutions, to new explorations, to new growth. Just like Spring! Here are the guidelines:
     Draw every day, at least six days a week.
     Draw at least ten minutes a day, more if you want.
     Draw any subject.
     Use whatever materials you want to, and take this time to try some new ones!

And here are my suggestions:
     Gather your materials, sketch book and inspirations in one easy-to-maintain spot.
I'm going to be using Brush and Micron Pigma pens, 4 hardnesses of graphite pencil, and a couple sets of landscape color and assorted grey pens, and will keep them in a separate holder. I'm using pens as my primary tool because  haven't gotten to work in inks and dyes for a long time, and it will be novel and hopefully inspiring to get back together with an old favorite.

     Get your drawings done early, before the realities of the day take over.
     Don't bother to erase. The Italian term pentimento means repentance. The habit of leaving  lines that don't quite work is called pentimento - but really translates in this sense as NO repentance! Why not erase? If you don't bother to erase, you leave the earlier lines as a base to build the right lines on. You won't repeat a bad stroke. Not depending on an eraser to save you, you'll develop stronger, more limber, more competent, more flowing, more fun work! You focus on the positive.
     Inspire yourself with books, images, objects or plants that matter to you.

Two books about sketchbooks that have a variety of inspirations for methods and materials

     Or, use a guide to help you figure out what to draw to lead you in new paths. The book below is one that I am using. It has some good ideas, and it has some I'm not so interested in.

I'm also using this little book, that has 642 ideas of things to draw, and a place to draw them! Nice planning!

     In addition to this 642 journal, I'll also be using a variety of sketch books...

So beautiful! And because I'm using this beautiful to look at and beautifully executed sketch book, it makes me feel like my work matters even more, because it resides in such a lovely collection! And I'll use a wirebound black 8x8" sketch book, because it travels so well.

My final suggestion? Have fun! Let this exercise rock your day, start it with a bang, end it with a sigh of pleasure...whatever works for you. And send me the results. I'll publish an image a day, with credit for the artist, materials, and any words about method you want to share. In that vein, here's an early entry I sketched up today in about 5 minutes.

Devil's Claw, 3B Tombow graphite pencil on paper. I have about 15 of these devilish seed pods, collected at the ASBA conference in Phoenix. I imagine I'll draw them a lot!

Let's get started. Send your images (150 dpi .jpgs)  to rmsbartists@gmail.com, and I'll post them to inspire us all.

All the best,

Libby, your BlogMeister!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Don't Miss the Activities, Starting Tomorrow

Cyclamen Blossom, watercolor, 3” x 6”, © Kathy Cranmer 2012

2012 dues for RMSBA (including ASBA)
are $90 and due now.
Please submit your dues by March 15
to be included in the
RMSBA and ASBA Directories.
Contact:Terry Ruiter at tlruiter@msn.com
Go to Documents of Use at right for application/renewal form

Meeting Update:
Tomorrow, Sunday, February 26th, we are having an RMSBA meeting at Dorothy DePaulo's home in Lakewood. It's an important meeting that addresses a number of RMSBA projects. At 11:30 AM, everyone who is interested in helping with the 2014 ASBA Conference meets to discuss what has been done so far, and what needs to be done. Then at 1:00 we'll break for refreshments, (please bring a light snack to share, Dorothy will furnish the drinks. For our critique, or show and tell, please bring as many pieces as you would like. If you don't have anything you want to share, come anyway to get inspired! This is one of the greatest things about our very talented group. We learn and grow from each other and produce increasingly better work!

After the critique, the group that is working on the coloring book will meet to discuss their project, and the Peaks and Prairies Exhibition Publicity Group will get together to discuss fliers and other needs to promote this 3-day exhibition and sale. We hope to see you!

Exhibitions Updates:
Even though the snow is still falling, time waits for no one and Spring exhibit dates are approaching rapidly. Please go to Calls for Entries and scroll to the exhibits listed below for complete information. Schedule reminders are:

Brighton Armory Exhibition, March 20-April 23, Brighton:   this is an un-themed, non-juried show, hang space only, no bin or table art can be accommodated. All types of botanicals are accepted. Key dates:
Hang date: Mar 20, if you cannot drop-off your works yourself, bring your pieces (albeit early) to our meeting tomorrow (February 26), and we will store and deliver it. If this is too early and your signature piece is still in the works, you can drop off your art no later than March 18 at either of the 2 locations:1.Teresa Burkert, teresaburkert@aol.com
2. Heidi Snyder, preciselynature@comcast.net
Please contact Teresa or Heidi in advance.
Reception: April 13
Removal: April 23

Peaks to Prairie Symposium: March 30,-31, Colorado Springs: This is a sale with little hang space except for easels, but plenty of table and bin space - so think in terms of table art or bring your own (floor or table) easel.
Guest and Host, Colored pencil on film, by Heidi Snyder
New Group Project: 
You've seen the "painting a day" projects before, and now, RMSBA will start a "drawing a day" project for all of us. Each day, we'll post a drawing that you have done. Drawings should be dated. Spend as little or as much time as you wish, up to about an hour. Scan your image, and send it to us at rmsbartists@gmail.com. We'll post it! The purpose of the project is to encourage you to incorporate art into your daily lives. The images don't have to be of botanicals. All art feeds your botanical art. And daily drawing makes drawing more facile, more fun.
We'll start this project on March 1, 2012, and publish an image a day. We'll continue doing that throughout the month, to welcome Spring back to our region. So, grab a pencil, find something to draw on, and get going! Looking forward to seeing your results.