Mission Statement

The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists is an open and diverse group of artists, collectors and admirers who share a love for the practice and perpetuation of botanical art and illustration with a fond focus on plants in the Rocky Mountain Region.
We encourage and participate in educational outreach, juried and non-juried exhibits, lectures, workshops and regular chapter meetings. The RMSBA is proud to be the very first chapter affiliation of the international organization, the American Society of Botanical Artists.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Party Time

Don't forget, our Holiday Party is this week, Decembe 30, 2012. Check your email for details, and be there!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Call for Entries from Wildlife Experience

A unique, outstanding and rare exhibit opportunity at one of the best venues in town is available to RMSBA members in good standing. The Wildlife Experience will hang the works of members for the month of June, 2013. Present your images of our local flora for this exciting exhibition. The call is listed below, and also appears in the Calls for Entries button to the right. Please note specifications for size. All images will be framed in RMSBA standard framing, so please note early drop-off date for unframed images.

RMSBA has been featured at the Museum before, and they produce a beautiful exhibition. You don't want to miss this one.

Alpine Forget-me-not, colored pencil, Libby Kyer

 Wildlife Experience Call for Entry
Theme: Wildflowers of Colorado.
RMSBA member in good standing
Entry fee: $20.- (make check out to RMSBA)
Show dates:June 1-30, 2013
Hang dates, take down dates: TBA
Submission due date: March 1, 2013. (money and art info need to be in; more specs re. info later)
Notification recipient: Heidi Snyder, preciselynature@comcast.net
Art drop off: May 1, 2013. We need a month to properly frame the art pieces.
Art drop off location: TBA
Art specifications: 2 pieces (dependent upon number of participants may be more) framed to 16x20”. RMSBA will provide the frames, participants deliver originals only, matted in a neutral mat, in protective cover (sleeve), ready to be framed. (More specs later).
This exhibition will really showcase your artistic talents to a diverse and enthusiastic viewing public, and in the process show off the wonderful flora of Colorado. Plan now to participate.


Dues are Due by January!

Don't miss a single great meeting or activity! Dues are due by January 15, 2013. Check out the application under Membership to the right. Can't wait to see you all in 2013! Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some worthwhile exhibits you might have missed...

As the year comes close to its end, there are some good exhibits which have hung since October that will close the first few weeks of January. Two that open up two entirely different worlds of art are:

The Fine Arts Center, Colorado Springs, is located at 30 West Dale Street, Colorado Springs, CO. PH: 719.634.5581

The FAC hosts two exhibits of note:
Floyd D. Tunson: Son of Pop
This is a challenging exhibition with Tunson's political and ethics defining works of arts. It opened Oct. 27  and runs through Jan. 20, 2013.
A Mural in the Making:
Eric Bransby and Trevor Thomas

To celebrate it's 75th year, the FAC commissioned a mural. The mural is mounted and on display, but the accompanying exhibit of maquettes, planning drawings and compositional considerations is as good as the final piece. On display until Jan. 6, 2013.
Eric Bransby: Mural in the Making

These exhibits make the quick trip to the Springs well worth the effort.

The Changing Gallery - Littleton Museum, 6028 South Gallup Street, Littleton, CO  PH: 303.795.3950
Closer to home for some, there is a temporary exhibit at the Littleton Museum, which will hang until January 13, 2013. The Changing Gallery plays host to Mapuche - The People of the Land. A display of astounding vibrant textiles from the 19th century anchors this display, which presents the cultural artifacts of the Mapuche people of Peru. Jewelry, home artifacts and spiritual findings present the complex and varied life of these people, who were the only indigenous group in South America never to have been conquered by the Spanish. They continue into modern days over a million strong, blending their culture with that of modern day Peru and Argentina.
Seen any good exhibitions lately? Share them with our members. Send your comments to rmsbartists@gmail.com. 



Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Botanical Art

The Winter Holidays and botanical art are pretty much a match made in heaven! Perfect time for perfect lush images. Here are a couple to inspire you.

Found thi son the web, and loved the subject. Check out this artist online!

Highbush Cranberry © Margit Sampogna. All rights reserved
Winter Wreath, Colored Pencil on Paper, Libby Kyer
Send us your Holiday images for this very spot! Just email to rmsbartists@gmail.com. Hope to see your work here soon.
Seems the winter brings out a bit of the fauna in us all. Two lovely examples below.
Woodpecker on Winter White Birch, Colored Pencil, Heidi Snyder

Artic Fox, Colored Pencil, Dorothy DePaulo

Monday, December 3, 2012

November Meeting Full of Hot Tips

Check out Documents on the right to get the full minutes of the activities at this meeting. Susan Fisher had amazing words of wisdom for us, with many strong tips to consider when you plan to exhibit. 
Not sure of the topic, but it's intense!

Susan Fisher discusses an artwork

Shared artwork
Don't forget, our next meeting on 30 December 2012, and it's the Holiday Party, so be there! We'll look forward to seeing you!

Next time, we'll have the full member meeting schedule for you!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Putting your art to work!

I have often said, if you can't experiment using your family and friends as guinea pigs, you need to expand your circle! As the serious gift-giving holidays approach, have you thought about using the amazing artwork you produce through the year for gifts? I'm not talking about giving away a $1,000 worth of art originals. However, I am talking about reproducing your art in novel ways.

Greeting cards, tags and other paper-mounted reproductions immediately come to mind and I know most of us have tried that. Very satisfying, and much appreciated by the recipient. My favorite is making custom wrapping paper. I found out that no one would actually use it, deeming it "too special." It's a not uncommon reaction.

What are the things people will use and enjoy? Here's a list, with a link to resources to create these items:

Coffee mugs: Select an artwork that can be reduced and still maintain some presence. Scan and size. Try this site:
Most print services require a minimum order, so figure out how many you want in advance. Leftovers make great gifts any time of year, or work well for point-of-purchase items during exhibitions.

Travel mugs are always welcome, whether for hot or cold drinks. Artwork can be fully reproduced as an insert in full color between an outer clear wall and the inner thermal wall. You can also stylize some of your artwork, so it works well in print, or create works just for this purpose. Try this site for inspiration and print services:

It takes a bit more money up front, but the resultant product is lovely and will be lovingly used. Scarves. Everyone is wearing them, and you can have a scarf designed with your artwork. These make great gifts, and great sales items for exhibitions. Try this site:

Custom Printed Ties

Another way to display your art in power circles is custom ties! Try the site listed below for more info and help thinking about design. They also make scarves:

And now, a one-stop, oh-so-many-ideas site - Walgreen's. Seriously. I was completely surprised by this resource, and the prices are...well... Walgreenian. Meaning, of course, very affordable. You are in Anything Can Happen Land. There are totes, and crystals (yep!) and mugs and water bottles. And scarves and ties and pajama bottoms and t-shirts and camisoles and performance shirts, whatever that means. A one-stop shopping opportunity, and the good part is, you can order just one item! That makes it possible to truly experiment, find what you want to do, and decide if more than one anything is a good thing. Check this out:
Best of all, Walgreen's offers really fast turn arounds!

So, there you are. Food for thought, and possibly action.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Start of the Winter Holidays...

...sometimes sends us back to summer, remembering the warmth of friends, family and weather, bountiful harvests, vacations, and our art and artist friends. Below are some words and images about our summer activities, followed by a bit about our new online exhibition, Remembering Summer 2012.

November Member Meeting
Our RMSBA meeting this month, will be on Sunday, November, 25th at 1:00pm at Susie Olson’s house. Please contact her directly for directions.

I am so pleased to announce that Susan Fisher and Rhonda Ballard will talk to us about “How Art Shows are Juried”.

Also, if you have a piece that you would like Susan and Rhonda to critique, please bring it to the meeting. This doesn't have to be your RARE piece, and it doesn't have to be finished. If you would like help with a piece, Susan and Ronda would be glad to help.

Please plan to come! This is going to be good!

Dorothy DePaulo, President, RMSBA

July RMSBA Meeting Review

Julie Ann Terry hosted five RMSBA members at her lovely home for the July 29th meeting. After admiring and critiquing beautiful artwork, members laughed to tales of huge chickens, cute chickens and chicken raising as well as vacation stories. An afternoon of laughter, snacks and good companions marked this relaxing time.

Artists of all skills and levels can be aided by hints and experiences of others. Just beginning a piece? Are you wondering if just one more leaf in that corner will make or break the composition? Just need a tad more encouragement? Critique and "show and tell" with other RMSBA members is invaluable.

August RMSBA Meeting Review

The August meeting, held at Teresa Burkert's home in Northglenn, was enjoyed by five RMSBA members. Artists, especially those who are beginning or are trying new techniques or products, are helped immensely by the support and hints offered by others. The hints to add a dark here or there can be invaluable. The shared experiences of others can increase the enjoyment and accomplishments of the individual.

Members Julie Sprinkle, Sharon Garrett and Dorothy DePaulo review a painting being prepared for Rare II, our next large exhibition to open in 2013
Dorothy discusses composition with other members
Artworks shared help everyone learn
September RMSBA Meeting Review

Twelve members met at the Foothills Art Galleryin Golden, Coloradoto to admire and critique the annual Watercolor Exhibition. This is a juried, national show of 100 beautiful water media pieces chosen from several hundred entries. Genres range from portraits, abstracts and realism; something for everyone. The lovely miniature show held in the building next door generated much lively discussion about the levels of detail and work involved. Mary Jo Ramsdale, a RMSBA member, has entries in the show and several members have taken part in past years.

Realism is realism, regardless of the subject, and members spend time scrutinizing techniques and results

Large or small, there is a lot to take in
October RMSBA Member Meeting Review
Members met at the Lakewood Library, for a presentation by CU Boulder botanist Dina Clark. She presented information on finding data for RARE II illustrations.
Sharon Garrett presented information on using the USGS map store at the Federal Center.
Members shared works-in-progress for RARE II. for full minutes, go to Documents of use to the right, and click on the minute header of your choice.
RMSBA Member Marjorie Leggitt Receives
Prestigious ASBA Award

At the Annual Meeting this year, ASBA Botanical Illustrator Award For Excellence in Scientific Botanical Art was presented to Marjorie Leggitt of Boulder, Colorado. Nominees are assessed on scientific accuracy, technical proficiency, aesthetics and a body of work that demonstrates significant accomplishment in scientific illustration, as well as a history of achievements through exhibitions, awards and publications.

Marjorie is a graduate of Colorado College, with a degree in art studio. She started freelance work in her sophomore year, working on the illustrations for Jack Carter’s Trees & Shrubs of Colorado. Thirteen years later, the book was published and is still in print today. Following graduation, Marjorie was hired by the Curator of Invertebrates at the Field Museum of Chicago. For the next year, Marjorie reports, she “…peered through a stereomicroscope and drew the reproductive parts of Australian land snails.”
Marjorie Leggitt

It was while illustrating snails that she taught herself the art of pen and ink illustration. Having had no instruction in the medium, she studied the works of other scientific illustrators to come up with her own unique style.

In 1986 Marjorie became a full-time freelance scientific illustrator and artist. Although her work encompasses both flora and fauna, Marjorie particularly enjoys botany-based projects. From 1990 to 1995 she worked as the paleobotanical illustrator at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, under the direction of Dr. Kirk Johnson (now the Director of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum), to pictorially reconstruct prehistoric flora from impression fossils. Her drawings were used by mural painters and modelers for the “Prehistoric Journey” permanent exhibit.

In 2010 Marjorie worked with scientists from the Miami Science Museum to digitally illustrate plant fossils discovered in China. In 2011, she illustrated the interpretive panels for exhibits on fungus and the nutrient cycle at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Since 2006, she has prepared works for the Flora of North America, in Vols. 19, 20, 21. She was lead illustrator for Volume 9, (Rosaceae), illustrating over 156 figures, and currently is working on Volume 13 (Magnoliophyta) with approximately 150 pen and ink illustrations scheduled.

Crataegus mendosa, ink on paper, Marjorie Leggitt
An instructor at the Denver Botanic Gardens Certificate Program in Botanical Art and Illustration since 1990, Marjorie teaches pen and ink, composition, perspective, traditional and Adobe Illustrator electives. It would appear that she barely has time to eat or sleep, and Marjorie confirms that! Scheduling is just part of business - “managing teaching and freelance projects so that work flawlessly ‘zippers’ together.”

She has been an ASBA member since 2006, and a GNSI member since 1979, serving on their Board for the last 12 years.

Marjorie has a definition of botanical arts that is well thought out – “Art is to evoke and provoke, whereas illustration is to inform.” Neither excludes the other, and she feels that the “art” in illustration comes from evocative and engaging composition. Whether artist or illustrator, Marjorie emphasizes that it is important for those who portray botanical subjects in a realistic manner, to pay close attention to botany. “All too often, an artist creates a ‘new’ species by artistically altering the science of a plant.”

Although she started as a traditional medium artist, Marjorie has embraced the computer as a wonderful art tool. She uses the computer to scan and clean up drawings or to add labels, but also as a drawing tool, to create her scientific illustration directly, using the stylus and WACOM tablet as a drawing and painting board. “Although I swore I would never ever use the computer in my art, I find it to be an incredible art medium.”

Marjorie was taken completely unaware when she learned she had won the ASBA award. She thought someone was playing a joke on her! When the truth was discovered, she was overwhelmed. “I was thrilled when I discovered this was not a joke, and the framed award certificate is beautiful.” Marjorie’s artwork can be viewed at www.science-art.com/leggitt.
Congratulations, Marjorie, for creating an amazing and educational body of work, and for inspiring others to follow your lead. 

Exhibitions Feature RMSBA Artists
The Hunt Institute is now featuring Portraits of a Garden, a display of works from the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Florilegium. This exhibition showcases 48 American botanical artists who are revitalizing the centuries-old tradition of the florilegium by creating a lasting archive of watercolors and drawings of the plants growing at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG). This selection of original artwork, on loan from the BBG’s permanent collection, will be displayed with a sampling of historical printed volumes representative of the florilegium tradition from the Hunt Institute’s Library collection.

There are 48 members of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium Society included in this exhibition. RMSBA artists are Libby Kyer and Constance Sayas. Go to huntinst@andrew.cmu.edu for more information.
Center Image, Pseudolarix amabilis, by Libby Kyer. Signage provides information about each artist, and where the plants are located at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.
Connie Sayas' work, Campernelle jonquil at the Hunt.

Planning Meeting Wants YOU

There will be a meeting on November 29th at 6:00pm to plan next years’ RMSBA activities. It will be at Julie Ann Terry’s home. This is your opportunity to make RMSBA the organization that you would like it to be! Please email Julie at jandlt@comcast.net to let her know you are coming. If you can’t make it, please email her with ideas that you have for meetings and activities.
Remembering Summer 2012
Go to  http://rememberingsummer2012.blogspot.com/to see some summer works by our members. If you have images you want to have posted, please send them to Libby at rmsbartists@gmail.com. I'll keep posting until the end of November.

A Special Happening at DBG
In a reflection of the enormous growth of botanical art education at the Denver Botanic Gardens, a new name is announced - The School of Botanical Art and Illustration at DBG. The title more accurately reflects the depth and breadth of the program, which has grown to over 1200 registrations annually. Core classes for the Certificate program are available to anyone interested in learning botanical art. Elective Classes, Visiting Teachers and Masters Classes are also offered year 'round. For more information, go to Mervi.Hjelmroos-koski@botanicgardens.org for more information about the program and current class offerings.


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Exhibition Opportunity


March 17 - April 14, 2013
Ella Carothers Dunnegan Gallery of Art
Bolivar, MO
May 18 - July 28, 2013
Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History
Jamestown, NY
August 17 - October 13, 2013
Kenosha Public Museums
Kenosha, WI
M. Stephen Doherty, Editor, PleinAir™ Magazine
Susan T. Fisher, American Society of Botanical Artists Past President
and former Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute Director;
and Todd Wilkinson, Managing Editor, Wildlife Art Journal
America’s Parks Curator’s Choice Award
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Juror’s Choice Award
PleinAir™ Magazine Juror’s Choice Award
Society of Animal Artist’s Wildlife Art Award
Susan Kathleen Black Foundation Floral Art Award
Wildlife Art Journal Juror’s Choice Award
Produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C.
For further information, contact:
David J. Wagner, L.L.C., AMERICA'S PARKS Tour Office
David J. Wagner, Ph.D., Tour Director
Phone: (414) 221-6878

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is it fall yet?

Facing the Sun, colored pencil on marbledust board, Libby Kyer
Of course it is. Mostly! In the mountains the aspens and scrub oak have turned gloriously. On the high plains, sunflowers are going to seed, gardens are wrapping up their summer production and gardeners are processing produce, and our trees have begun to follow their mountain counterparts, and are tinged with color. Soon, we'll "fall back" to change our clocks to autumn solar time. Autumn is a period of change, and we can adapt to that nicely with our art. Let's start by honoring summer, the hottest on record, with our 2nd Annual online exhibit. Here's how it works:
2nd Annual "Remembering Summer" Blogspot Exhibition
Wants Your Summer Artworks.
It's so easy to participate. Any current RMSBA member is eligible. Just:
1. Select up to 3 paintings, sketches, journal pages or drawings from your summer experiences.
2. Scan, 150 to 360 dpi, .save as .jpgs in color.
3. Email them to rmsbartists@gmail.com, with "Remembering Summer" in the subject line3. For each image list:
Latin name and/or Title
Medium/a used, substrate used
Size in inches wxh
Any comments about creating an individual image you'd like to share.
5. Please time your submittals so that I have them by 31 October 2012. The exhibit will be up online for 6 weeks.  
Susan Rubin's artwork Rustle, Ornamental Grass, colored pencil, has been accepted into the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation's 14th International Exhibition of Botanical Art & Illustration. Well deserved, Susan.

Rustle, Ornamental Grass, colored pencil, by Susan Rubin, is part of the
 14th International Hunt Exhibition of Botanical Art and Illustration

The first exhibition of contemporary artists occurred in April of 1964, and became known as the foundation exhibit for the recurring invitational art exhibition we fondly refer to as "The Hunt". The last 3 exhibits in particular have expanded the oeuvre a bit, to allow more contemporary presentations, including some free sketches, stylized work and using colored backgrounds.

Colored backgrounds are not new to botanical scientific illustration. Pomona Brittanica, by Englishman George Brookshaw. Brookshaw was a copperplate engraver with a good reputation for the quality of his prints. Pomona - gatherings of detailed pictures of fruits with leaves and flowers - became very popular beginning in the 17th century. He created his Pomona primarily for noble or royal consumption, stating that those who studied his work would soon have a "garden well planted," of which there were very few, in his opinion.

Published in 1812, this volume is the most complete English pomona ever printed, with 256 fruit varieties arranged in fifteen species groups. Species and varieties are illustrated with hand-colored tints (aquatints).  Backgrounds in this famous volume are tinted from gray to full black, to allow the edges of white and pastel fruits and flowers to be fully distinguishable.

Plate: 27 Peach/Nectarine- Johnson's Late Purple et al

This is a pretty advanced composition, using tinted backgrounds that change as the specimen becomes more brilliantly and fully colored with ripening.

Exhibitions Feature RMSBA Artists
The Hunt Institute is now featuring Portraits of a Garden, a display of works from the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Florilegium. This exhibition showcases 48 American botanical artists who are revitalizing the centuries-old tradition of the florilegium by creating a lasting archive of watercolors and drawings of the plants growing at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG). This selection of original artwork, on loan from the BBG’s permanent collection, will be displayed with a sampling of historical printed volumes representative of the florilegium tradition from the Hunt Institute’s Library collection.
There are 48 members of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium Society included in this exhibition. RMSBA artists are Libby Kyer and Constance Sayas. Go to huntinst@andrew.cmu.edu for more information.

Your Sales Opportunity at Tagawa's Garden Center Opens Saturday November 10
Join us at Tagawa’s Garden Center for our Holiday Show and Sale. Bring your traditional botanicals of course, but artwork that incorporates botanical elements and fits in the theme of winter or the holidays is encouraged. Originals, prints, cards, gift tags, cutting boards, coffee cups, gift wrap or any other objects with your artwork will sell well at this event. Work may be framed or unframed. Call for entries is at rmsbausefuldocuments.blogspot.com, where you can copy the call, paste it into your word document program, and complete the required form.

This is a DIY SALE and requires your participation to set up, take down the artwork and handle the cashiering. Each artist is required to work a ½ day shift. Because this is a DIY Sale the expenses are being handled by RMSBA.  

Tagawa Gardens opened its door to the community 28 years ago, and is one of Colorado's Largest Garden Centers. We haven't had a holiday show previously, so this is a great opportunity. Check out www.tagawagardens.com for more info.

ASBA Unveils New Website
Our new website is gorgeous, active and easily updated. It's a hub for information, art and communication. Check it out at www.asba-art.org. Many thanks to Jody Williams and the implementation team that produced this. And, many thanks to Frank Reynolds, Hunt Institute, who provided web design and updating for ASBA for many years.

An Eye Opener
Teresa Burkert has this observation about the power of a blog:

I have always known that Google was a powerful search engine but I did not fully realize how much it can do until I was at work yesterday. I just thought this was interesting, not good, not bad..just interesting.

It was during a quiet time at the reference desk that I decided to Google the plant that I have chosen for RARE II, just to see what is new out there. The plant is Astralagus missouriensis var. humistratus. I did a search for those words plus "rare". About the 5th page of results was an interesting "Useful Documents" listing which was actually the "useful documents" section from the RMSBA blog. The entire set was lifted and displayed.  Down towards the bottom of the set is the list of plants for RARE II,

I guess I never fully realized that blogs are also searched to that extent!
The moral to this story? Send your observations and thoughts about blogging, and see how far they travel. Just go to rmsbartists@gmail.com. Enter your words, and we'll get them on your blog, right here. Don't forget to attach or include images when you have them.
Final Thoughts
There are EIGHT new links in Ephemera for you to relish. Remember, events are generally listed with contact info and addresses in the Events section. And the link to Useful Documents always has full information regarding calls for entries, Meeting Minutes, and other helpful notes. And, remember, this is your blog. Let's get busy! Looking forward to having your images for the 2nd Annual Remembering Summer online exhibition.




Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meeting Leads Members to New Concepts in Art and Rhythm

A Zentangle is a form of artistic meditation that uses repetitive patterns to create images. Usually done in black and white, patterns have a rhythm. The ideal is to let yourself be carried away by the creative process and allow the design to grow organically. A Botangle is a Zentangle with botanical flair and influences.
Our RMSBA mini Botangle workshop was a great success! Annie Reiser, and Mary Jo Ramsdale gave a wonderful presentation! Everyone seemed to get into the "zone" and by the end of the session, blood pressures were down and all was right with the world.........
Members pay close attention as the concept of Botangle is presented

Materials for Botangle are simple: A good sheet of white paper, a flat surface to work on, a Pigma Micron felt tip pen that flows easily and smoothly, a stump and a graphite pencil and you're set. 

Annie Reiser (left) demos on vertical paper, as Charles Smith watches, pen at the ready
As usual for our artists, the results of the drawings were beautiful and very creative, and it was fun to see what everyone had done. The zen of Botangle invites the artist to let things go, let things flow, let things grow. For botanical artists, it could be a match made in heaven! We have the opportunity to work creatively without the need to follow a specimen. We can immerse ourselves in the process, without the demands of accuracy, scale or color. It's very freeing. The wokshop was well attended with 29 people practicing their Zen in art.
This Botangle design was done by Ann Flemming. Note the organic growth of the piece, as the artist lets line and rhythm move the design into an artwork.
Cover Art of ASBA Features Our President's Artwork
Kudos to Dorothy DePaulo: her artwork was chosen for the cover of the ASBA Journal. Her image is accompanied by an explanation of why and how these lovely succulents speak to her. The cover image is selected from amongst artworks submitted specifically for the cover. The Art of the Cover is a new Journal feature, allowing cover artists to discuss their works, talk a bit about technique and motivation, composition and materials.
Hens and Chicks, colored pencil on film by Dorothy DePualo
If you're interested in submitting work for the Journal cover, take a look at "Calls for Entries". You'll find the first call is for cover art. We'd love to see more of our artists featured. Three covers a year are chosen from general submissions, the fourth is reserved for a novice exhibitor chosen for the ASBA/NY Hort exhibition.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

No time like the present...

...to plan ahead for the summer activities. Our next meeting explores Zentangle, on June 24. This system of creative doodling can serve a lot of purposes in the life of the artist. It's fun - there are no deadlines, no client, no exhibition to prepare for. It exists for you to enjoy. It is a great way to allow your medium to lead you into exploration.

Sometimes, our artwork has such a compelling purpose that we don't have time to explore, make mistakes, learn, or even relish our process. Zentangle will teach you the joy of mistakes, of not knowing the next step until the last possible moment!  It's kind of like driving really fast on a winding mountain road, with a little bit of thrill, a little bit of speed, new sights, and a learning curve that demands your best while you are occupied elsewhere! Annie Reiser has dubbed her version  "Botangle."  She'll show us how to add color too!

Botangle, pen and ink, Annie Reiser

Introducing a New Feature - Board Musings. Once a month, one of our board members will share some thoughts with us. If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, let us know at rmsbartists@gmail.com, and we'll explore the possibilities. This month, Dorothy DePaulo, our President of the Board, shares her thoughts about inspiration, an important part of an artist's life.

What Inspires You? By Dorothy DePaulo
I believe that the whole of our life experiences influences our art. Often we don’t think about what it is that inspires us in our artistic pursuits. But recently, I read two books that directly inspired me to start a project. The first is a book titled:  The Paper Garden: An Artist Begins her life at 72 by Molly Peacock.

This is a biography of Mary Delaney who, in 1771when in her early 70's, as a way of dealing with her grief over the loss of her husband, she began to create cut-paper artworks. Her works were exceptionally detailed and botanically accurate depictions of plants. She used  hand-colored paper to produce these pieces. In all, she created 1,700 of these works, calling them her "Paper Mosaiks” (see sample below).

I was impressed with the beautiful and detailed work that she created (which now reside in the British Museum), but I was even more impressed that she didn’t start her work until she was seventy two years old! Perhaps there is hope for me yet!

The second book that influenced my project is a tiny little hand-written book (perhaps copied down by my grandmother, Elizabeth Cameron) which tells the meaning of certain flowers if given in a bouquet. After thinking for a while about these books, I decided to do a series (of 12 not 1700) flowers on a black background (as Mary Delaney did).  Mine would be in colored pencil (not cut paper). I would do greeting cards (not bouquets) that would include the meaning of the flower.
Here are the first six of my series:


Now it is your turn! Tell us what you’re working on and what influenced you to do your art.

April Member Meeting in Golden Addresses Framing

Members attending the April 29th meeting gathered in Golden for an intensive introduction to all things frame - including framing materials and styles, matting, liners and backing materials. The minutes for that meeting are to the right under Documents of Use.
Nancy Martin (L) welcomed all members to Golden Frames and Gifts and
introduced  her assistant Alycia Maier-Turner

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Catching up...

...with apologies for the break in posting! Life caught up with your Blogmeister, and she's hoping you're not quite as harried! First, let's look at what's happening:

Our RMSBA show is now hanging at pARTiculars Gallery in Old Town Lafayette! Several of our artists will be demonstrating botanical art in the gardens at the Garden tour on Saturday, June 16th. Please come for the tour and the reception afterwards at pARTiculars. We will be having a great time! You need to see these gardens!
Congratulations to our members who participated in this exciting project. Check out the poster for details!

Remember, for any image you find on our blog, you can just click on it, and it will go to the original-sized image. You can get as close as you wish.

New ASBA Website Unveiled:
Next item: check out the new ASBA Website! It is incredible! It's packed with information, it's very easy to use, and the artwork is wonderful! Go to www.asba-art.org and look around! Send your congratulations,  comments, concerns and corrections to the Webmaster, Jody Williams. at  webmaster@asba-art.org.

Members Exhibit Their Works:
Susan Rubin's new show at Spark Gallery opened May 24th, and continues through June 17. Her works on paper explore the lasting connection between people and trees in an exhibit titled Substance, Shelter and Shade. Collectors' Friday and Gay on Santa Fe occur together on June 15th, when the gallery is open from 5 to 9 PM. Last Look is Sunday, June 17, 1-4 PM. You can visit Susan at her website at susanrubinstudio.com for full details about the images and the event.

 Substance, Shelter and Shade
Colored pencil, by Susan Rubin

Kaye Hurtt's works are featured in a return showing at the Framed Image, 5066 East  Hampden Avenue, Denver,CO. For those of you unfamiliar with Kaye’s work, her classic European representation of nature has elevated the study of botanicals as art. Her renderings have the sophistication of classic 18-19th century representation with the added advantage of flawless color palette and skill in painting. The gallery hosts an artist’s reception Friday, June 8thfrom 5-8 PM. For more information, please call 303-692-0727.

Orchid and Lizard on Natural Support
Watercolor on Paper, Kaye Hurtt

The Art Students League Annual Art Market is this Saturday and Sunday. Our members Mary Jo Ramsdale and Carol Till are sharing a booth for the 6th year.  All exhibiting artists are members of the Art Student's League of Denver. Only original art may be shown at this event, now in its 20th year.

More to come after the busy weekend!