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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drawing a Day 11 and a Challenge

A Perfect Pair of Pears, Graphite, Julie Terry

Thinking about drawing media: Pen/Ink/Hatch. You can get a pretty reasonable image using just black and white, applied in lines,  contour, tone with hatching. For example:
Rhino study, pen and ink, Libby Kyer
This picture was sketched just with technical pen on paper, and tone and textures are the result of hatching: cross-hatch, criss-cross, single hatch, topographic hatch, and linear broken line hatching. The technical pen used here is a Copic refillable plastic point pen, and a Pigma Micron ultra-fine felt tip pen. Both are so handy for traveling, as they don't have the pressure driven problems a Rapidograph sometimes endures after flying! I made this picture by pausing the TV! For a pretty long time - probably 4o minutes. At least I didn't time out on the pause function! So, draw 'em where you find 'em! Sometimes it's a safari digging out of work projects to get to draw!

You can keep your sketching and drawing fresh by incorporating new media. This week, why not make at least one of your drawings using pen and ink techniques. Be sure to send me the results, and I'll post them on the blog. And remember, you can also send words with your images to explain what you learned, what you liked, what you disliked and where you need help. We'll all learn together.

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