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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Travel Reports from Brazil

Susi Olson continues to send us inspiring images culled from her recent trip to Brazil. The "espatodea tree" of Brazil is so intriguing. Below is the tree, which is huge. Susi reports, "Fortunately, I found one on site with a few low hanging branches. Every morning, a new bunch of wild orange flowers." Doesn't get much more exotic than that!
Spathodea (Espatódea) Tree Blooming (Spathodea campanulata) in Brazil, photo by Susi Olson
Flowers found on a low hanging branch, although most of them cluster at the top of the tree.
Spathodea campanulata, watercolor on paper, Susi Olson 2013
And a final image from Brazil, some spectacular graffiti. There is a strong muraling tradition in Central and South America, which manifests now in graffiti as well as planned murals. You can find comparable political and social statements all around Denver and environs. Perhaps a day spent finding great street art will serve to inspire your summer art.    As Susi mentions, art is where you find it!
Have you put your summer traveling art kit together yet? If not, don't forget to add a camera, so that when you find inspiration, you can snap a shot. Also, it's handy to snap images of things you have started painting or sketching in the field, but need to finish at home, due to rain, or hail, or other commitments! Don't forget, we'll have a Remembering Summer online exhibition in the fall, so start putting together the images you want to draw and scan for that show.
And finally, for more information about good elements to create a great plein air kit, check out the sites included in Ephemera. So many good ideas. 

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