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The Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists is an open and diverse group of artists, collectors and admirers who share a love for the practice and perpetuation of botanical art and illustration with a fond focus on plants in the Rocky Mountain Region.
We encourage and participate in educational outreach, juried and non-juried exhibits, lectures, workshops and regular chapter meetings. The RMSBA is proud to be the very first chapter affiliation of the international organization, the American Society of Botanical Artists.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

After Solstice, days shorten, nights lengthen, and the Heat goes up

Dorothy DePaulo and Heidi Snyder have an Opening this evening (6 – 9 pm) at Valkarie Gallery, 445 S Saulsbury St, Lakewood. Come see what they’ve been up to!

Reminder: Member meeting tomorrow, June 25 1 – 3 pm, at Koelbel Library, 5955 S Holly St, Centennial. Bring what you’ve been working on and show us.

June 10 – Another crop of graduates from DU – they’re the last in the Regular Academic Season – Rock on!

June 13 – Loved ‘Wonder Woman’.  Wore my 'Xena' T-shirt. Loved the film. May have to acquire a personal copy… ‘Beauty & the Beast’ pretty good, but I can live without a personal copy.

June 19 - Golden Banner, Shooting Star, Mountain Iris, Strawberry, even Columbine, all at the meadows occupying the 8000’ elevation range. Go see! Go also to see Dos Chappell Visitor Center on Mount Goliath, where King’s Crown and Purple Fringe are headlining.

Who's This?

June 20-22 – Summer Solstice, when the Sun hangs around at the farthest northern reaches for a couple days, to make sure we got the point.

Open Studio will happen on July 12 at the Mercury Café, 2199 California St, 10 am - 1 pm (it does get warm after that). Join us (suggest intent via this link) for help, critique, exploration, encouragement, a good cry, uninterrupted time, and whatever might be your Open Studio pleasure. We look forward to seeing your work and hearing your plans.

ASBA 2017 – Well, the conference hotel and the overflow hotel are fully booked. Good luck.

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